Part 3: unlocking the value of refinery-petrochemicals integration

How do carbon emissions impact refinery competitiveness

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The third video in this series "How do carbon emissions impact refinery competitiveness?‚Äč" explores decarbonisation which is one of the key challenges for the refining sector currently.

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One of the key challenges for the refining sector is decarbonisation and reducing emissions will be critical in order to meet net-zero targets. The cost of carbon is rising but exposure to carbon costs varies considerably across refiners.

Navigating the energy transition is becoming increasingly complex. Unfortunately, there's no one size fits all solution, but Wood Mackenzie's asset analysis and market outlooks, can help to evaluate a refinery's long term resilience, both on an asset by asset, but also on a unit by unit basis. This helps to support an effective decarbonization strategy that ultimately delivers improved competitive position.

In part 4 of the series, we explore "What factors are important when considering which sites are at risk of closing by 2030?"

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