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A new way of producing green hydrogen | Podcast

Developing an efficient and affordable route to the energy transition

1 minute read

The world is undergoing a slow but much needed transition. The need to phase out fossil fuels and transition to renewable sources of energy was a major theme at COP27. But with past efforts to reach certain goals falling short, what technologies are being developed to put us back on track? 

On this episode, host David Banmiller is joined by Fredrik Mowill, CEO at Hystar.  

Hystar is a high-tech company that specializes in PEM electrolyzers to produce green hydrogen from water electrolysis. With their unique and patented technology, they hope to make the production of hydrogen from renewable electricity significantly more affordable and more accessible. 

Join them as they discuss how this technology works, what makes it unique, and what else can be done to further the energy transition.  

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