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Distributed energy storage is taking off

5x growth in five years: Convergent Energy and Power is overseeing US$1 billion worth of energy storage development

David Banmiller

Head of Americas Sales and host of The Interchange Recharged

David manages the Global Strategic Banking team and hosts The Interchange Recharged

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Managing intermittent energy supply is a crucial part of the energy transition. When the wind doesn’t blow, or the sun doesn’t shine, we need a backup. Across two days of the Solar & Energy Storage summit, industry leaders and analysts explored the newest technology providing that service.  

Peter Cavan is Senior Vice President of Market Development at Convergent Energy and Power. They finance and manage all aspects of on-site renewable energy development and operations to significantly and sustainably lower electricity bills for the industrial sector, electric cooperatives, and municipal utilities, and investor-owned utilities. Peter joins David in the SESS podcast studio to discuss the future of energy storage and the trends in the market.  

Convergent has over 800 MW of storage and 1 GWh of solar-plus-storage capacity operating or under development. How has their approach to storage evolved over the past decade? How are utilities integrating distributed storage into their operations? And where does Peter see the next big innovation in the sector coming from?  

To wrap up our SESS 2024 coverage, David brings you everything you need to know about distributed energy storage. 

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