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Two years on from the IRA and the impact on solar and storage is clear

Insight and analysis from Day 1 of the Solar & Energy Storage Summit 2024

The 2024 Solar and Energy Storage Summit from Wood Mackenzie kicked off in San Francisco this week. David Banmiller was there to capture all the debate and discussion on the future of the solar energy sector. If you couldn’t be there in person, we’ve got you covered. David is joined by a roster of expert analysts and industry leaders to explore the key topics. It’s a packed show, with conversation around the technology, policy and financing of the solar industry.

There’s over a terawatt of solar, and gigawatts of storage in interconnection queues around the US. If all of that was built today, we’d have all the solar and storage we need to decarbonise the grid. How are these bottlenecks being eased? Why are projects taking years to complete? Becca Jones-Albertus, from US Department of Energy, joins David first on the show to discuss it, and analyse the latest advanced solar tech.  

Plus, what impact has the IRA had on the industry? Cassidy DeLine is CEO of Linea Energy, and she argues that there are three clear wins from the historic bill. David gets a new perspective on financing for projects from Kelsey Clair, Director at NY Green Bank, and a look at storage technology and government policy with Mike Graveley from the California Energy Commission.

Finally, it wouldn’t be an energy podcast in 2024 without a look at the integration of AI. Kendra Williamson is Senior Principal at Key Capture Energy, and she talks with David about the nuances of storage optimisation.

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