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NGLs: Short-Term Analytics

Understand and anticipate the changing natural gas liquids markets with access to real-time alerts, insight and fundamental analysis.

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Monitoring supply, demand and operations data

Get a comprehensive view of the NGL supply chain, from processing and pipelines to fractionation and downstream demand.

Our short-term NGL analytics draw on the expertise of Genscape, a pioneer in real-time data delivery and market intelligence and part of Wood Mackenzie since 2019. We combine unrivalled in-house analytical expertise, industry leading oil and gas forecasts and direct monitoring of key supply chain components to build comprehensive NGL production forecasts. 

Our technology 

  • We monitor 80% of total ethylene cracking capacity in North America
  • We have an eye on 74% of Mont Belvieu fractionation capacity
  • We cover 94% of the 15 largest olefins crackers in the US. 

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