Gavin Law

Senior Vice President, Emissions & Low Carbon Fuels Consulting


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Tel +44 (0)131 243 4214

Gavin leads Wood Mackenzie’s Emissions and Low Carbon Fuels consulting practice. Since 2018, he has been responsible for developing our carbon emissions estimation offerings as well as leading climate risk and strategy projects for companies along the value chain. Energy transition offerings have included the launch of the Oil & Gas Emissions Benchmarking Tool and the LNG Emissions Tool, as well as assisting oil and gas companies in the development of their climate strategies and reports.

Gavin also has extensive experience in the analysis of the global LNG sector and has been involved in leading a large number of consultancy projects for clients exposed to the international gas business. He has considerable experience in the areas of global LNG trade, corporate strategy, gas procurement, resource monetisation, gas master planning and competitor benchmarking.

Gavin has been with Wood Mackenzie for 30 years. Having first been responsible for our research and consultancy focused on the Asia Pacific region, he subsequently headed up the development of our LNG practice. Prior to joining the company he worked with BG plc and as an independent consultant in the UK and Indonesia.


BSc Geology, University of Aberdeen

DPhil Petroleum Geochemistry, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne