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Textile Pipeline - USA

Textile Pipeline - USA

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The USA held onto its apparel industry longer than many of the advanced Western European economies. Into the early 1990s the US apparel industry held onto a large share of the domestic market. The American Apparel and Footwear Association reports that in 1992 domestically produced apparel accounted for 54% of US consumption. Ten years later it had fallen to 20%, and in 2014 was 2.7%. Free Trade Agreements with Mexico and particularly with Central America (CAFTA) have extended the life of the US textile supply chain into apparel by including a ” Yarn forward” requirement. Despite the dramatic fall off in the domestic apparel industry, there are other segments of the fibre industry that remain viable, such as carpet, nonwovens and rPET staple into fibrefill. The report looks at the drivers in the various segments of the industry.

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This monthly report covers the three primary nylon sectors: feedstocks, intermediates and fibres, with market news and analysis, reference prices and trade data from three regional perspectives (Asia, Americas and Europe).

For participants, suppliers and advisors who want to take a one-off look at the trends and issues of these industries, this report gives you a detailed perspective to help inform your immediate decision making.

This report can also be purchased as part of our wider Nylon Intermediates & Fibres Monthly Report Service.  Annual subscription to this service can include:

  • Monthly Business Reports by email or download
  • Online access to price history database
  • Online access to trade data
  • Access to our specialist for discussion around these industries

Other services we offer in the Nylon sectors include:

  • Definitive industry analysis on the global polyamide market, world PA6 and PA66 supply/demand in the annual “Yellow Book”;
  • A portfolio of proprietary economic analysis models that enable you to analyse nylon supply/demand by country, broken down into the key segments (textile filament, industrial filament, carpet filament, staple fibre, engineering plastics and film);
  • Insight on the competitive landscape with profiles of the leading companies in the PA sector, including assets, product/market breakdown, financial performance, business strategy and competitor analysis; and
  • Ad-hoc studies of individual country markets and sustainability.

Our senior analysts are based in the markets they analyse. They use detailed research data to forecast, benchmark and recognise trends, providing you with timely updates that enable you to identify opportunities and enhance your awareness of global market trends.

To find out more about this report, our wider Nylon services and services we provide in the other sectors of the Chemicals, Polymers and Fibres industries, contact

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  • Textile Pipeline - USA
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