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Winning Strategies for Oil Producers Dec 2017

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14 December 2017

Winning Strategies for Oil Producers Dec 2017

Report summary

Whilst peak oil demand is not Wood Mackenzie’s base case outlook, the disruptive impact of technology in mobility means that it is a distinct possibility. As such, it is a critical topic of interest for both oil producers, refiners and consumers alike, as it is important to ensure future investments are sustainable over the long term. Resource-rich national oil companies are potentially far more exposed than the oil majors to the impact of declining oil demand, as they have much greater oil reserves (particularly when measured as a factor of current production) and so, in the extreme case, their Upstream reserves may not be monetised and become stranded. Resource-rich NOCs are, however, relatively short of refining capacity compared to the oil majors. This insight explores whether growth in their downstream exposure could be a winning strategy for such NOCs.

Table of contents

    • Prospect of peak oil demand puts pressure on resource-rich NOCs
    • Refining ensures long-term security of demand
    • ...so what are the options?
    • International refinery investments are likely to be next
    • ..but finding suitable refining opportunities is a challenge
    • Peak oil strategies for the largest global oil producers

Tables and charts

This report includes 5 images and tables including:

  • Global oil demand forecast and scenario
  • Commercial liquid reserves
  • Asia: refined product demand growth and transportation fuel balance, 2025 (kbd)
  • Benchmarking: refining cover in 2016
  • Change in refining capacity 2012-2017

What's included

This report contains:

  • Document

    Winning Strategies for Oil Producers Dec 2017

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