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Petromonagas (Cerro Negro)

Petromonagas (Cerro Negro)

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Petromonagas (formerly Cerro Negro) is one of the four original Strategic Association projects in Venezuela's Orinoco Heavy Oil Belt (the Faja). It was the second of the four projects to be brought on-stream. As with the other three projects, Petromonagas is an integrated project involving the exploitation of extra-heavy oil (XHO) and the refining (upgrading) of the oil into a lighter syncrude for export. Petromonagas produces 8.5° API gravity crude at the field, which is upgraded ...

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Lower oil prices and a call for increased returns from shareholders has caused a subtle shift to occur in the upstream oil and gas industry. This shift is increasing investment opportunities and driving capital discipline.

In this Upstream Oil and Gas Field report you'll find information about participation, exploration, geology, reserves, production, infrastructure, cost, economics and much more.

For potential investors, governments and companies in the oil and gas sector, this report provides an understanding of critical issues at the field level. It will help give you a commercial view of the field and recognise potential benefits and risks.

Wood Mackenzie has over 40 years of experience in commercial analysis and field valuations. Our analysts produce forward-looking analyses, backed by our robust proprietary database of trusted research.

Covering more than 105 countries, we are the recognised gold standard in commercial data and analysis.

  • Key facts
  • Summary and key issues
    • Summary
    • Key issues
      • Rosneft to increase stake to 40%
      • Further expansion of upgrader
      • Upgraded crude could be used as diluent for new Faja projects
  • Location maps
  • Participation
  • Geology
    • Reservoirs
    • Recovery factors and enhanced oil recovery
    • Structure
  • Exploration
  • Reserves and resources
  • Production
    • Initial production phase (1999 to 2001)
    • Syncrude production phase (2001 to present)
    • Future oil production
    • Gas production
  • Development
    • Wells
    • Early drilling programme
    • Recent drilling
    • Future drilling
  • Infrastructure
    • Pipeline
    • Field facilities
    • Upgrader
    • Solids handling facilities
  • Costs
    • Capital costs
      • Future capital costs
    • Operating costs
  • Sales contracts
    • Extra-heavy oil (XHO)
    • Syncrude
    • Coke and Sulphur
    • Gas
  • Fiscal and regulatory
    • Royalty
    • Corporate income taxes
    • Windfall taxes
  • Economic assumptions
    • Cash flow
    • Discount rate and date
    • Inflation rate
    • Oil price
    • Global Economic Model (GEM) file
  • Economic analysis

In this report there are 22 tables or charts, including:

  • Key facts
    • Key facts: Table 1
  • Summary and key issues
  • Location maps
    • Index Map
    • Detail Map
  • Participation
    • Participation: Table 1
  • Geology
    • Geology: Table 1
  • Exploration
  • Reserves and resources
    • Reserves and resources: Table 1
  • Production
    • Production: Table 1
    • Production: Table 2
    • Production Profile
  • Development
  • Infrastructure
  • Costs
    • Costs: Table 1
    • Costs: Table 2
    • Costs: Table 3
  • Sales contracts
    • Sales contracts: Table 1
  • Fiscal and regulatory
    • Fiscal and regulatory: Table 1
  • Economic assumptions
  • Economic analysis
    • Cash Flow
    • Economic analysis: Table 2
    • Economic analysis: Table 3
    • Split of Revenues
    • Cumulative Net Cash Flow - Undiscounted
    • Cumulative Net Cash Flow - Discounted at 10% from 01/01/2017
    • Remaining Revenue Distribution (Discounted at 10% from 01/01/2017)
    • Remaining PV Price Sensitivities
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