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Wood Mackenzie at Enlit Asia 2023

Jakarta, Indonesia | 14-16 November

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Wood Mackenzie is proud to be the Knowledge Partner at Enlit Asia 2023

This year, our team of Asia Pacific Power and Renewable experts who will be at the summit and connect with us to book the meet our team onsite.

About the event: 

Enlit Asia is an annual conference and exhibition for the power and energy sector, showcasing expert knowledge, innovative solutions, and foresight from industry leaders, coherent with ASEAN's strategy to achieve a smooth transition towards a low-carbon energy future. 

Enlit Asia engages power and energy professionals in Southeast Asia year-round to connect, educate, and advance the energy transition.

Join us in driving the energy transition with Indonesia 14-16 November 2023, ICE, BSD City, Jarkata, and explore opportunities in:​

  • Meeting growing electricity demand by capturing renewable energy resource​
  • Developing renewables for industry, buildings, and transport​

  • An integrated and comprehensive bioenergy programme ensuring sustainable development and use of this vital energy source

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Day 2: Wednesday, 15 November

09:20 AM -10:00 AM 
Panel: Realising ASEAN Hydrogen & Ammonia Economy: Key steps and consideration


Wood Mackenzie speaker: Melvin Chen, Head of Power & Renewables Consulting, APAC

Session description:

  • Global update on current hydrogen fuel demand, supply, and pricing.
  • Creation of market demand for hydrogen and ammonia in SEA.
  • Better than the best do Southeast Asia players learn and appear stronger than the leaders in the hydrogen game. 

Day 3: Thursday, November 16

12:00 PM to 12:40 PM

Panel: The promising potential of BESS for the future of stable ASEAN Grids


WM Moderator: Ken Lee, Head of Asia Pacific Power and Research

Session description: Emerging trends and innovation in grid-scale battery storage, as well as the evolving business models for a future of battery-focused networks. 

Day 2: Novermber 15

10:00 AM to 10:10 AM

Presentation: Accelerating Renewable Energy Access in Indonesia

WM speaker: Cao Yanqi, Analyst Asia Pacific Power

Session description: highlight game-changing tactics in shaping the sustainable and resilient future for Indonesia's power sector. 

Meet our experts

Melvin Chen

Head of Power & Renewables Consulting, APAC

Melvin focuses on commercial corporate planning, exploration strategies, due diligence, feasibility and market studies.

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Yanqi Cao

Research Analyst, Power & Renewables, APAC

Yanqi is focused on power dispatch modelling and long-term power market dynamics forecasting for Southeast Asia.

Latest articles by Yanqi

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