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Going from concept to reality: the future of CCUS and low carbon hydrogen in the United States.

On the heels of the Inflation Reduction Act, US and global players are examining how to invest in CCUS and low carbon hydrogen across the United States.

These technologies are critical to many decarbonization pathways across the energy sector: from heavy industry and upstream to transportation fuels and power. The transition from concept to reality will be influenced by a range of policy, economic, and strategic factors. Wood Mackenzie’s base case view on global energy estimates $50 trillion of energy supply and infrastructure investments needed to meet energy demand by 2050. How these issues unfold will directly impact how and where this capital is allocated. 


Join our Energy Transition Team on Wednesday, April 26th to discuss the future of CCUS and low carbon hydrogen in the United States.  

During the briefing, Wood Mackenzie will discuss:

  • Upcoming IRS guidance and how that could impact CCUS and low carbon hydrogen  
  • How US policy support under the IRA compares to that in other markets 
  • Our key findings from Wood Mackenzie’s asset analyses on these two technologies 
  • Project financing requirements for green and blue hydrogen supply  
  • CCUS value chains, economic feasibility, and business models  
  • Wood Mackenzie’s market leading emerging technology platform, valuation capabilities, and our US Gulf Coast focused North America analyst team 


Melany Vargas

Vice President, Head of Hydrogen Consulting

Melany has extensive experience solving strategic problems for clients across the global energy value chain.

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