Webinar | Unprecedented growth, but until when? Mapping the distributed solar-plus-storage boom in Europe

By the end of 2023, cumulative distributed solar PV installed capacity in major European markets had grown by a fifth in just one year. Distributed energy storage deployment experienced an average interannual growth rate of 122% over the same period.

These unprecedented hikes in installations have been driven by an average 40% increase in household and non-household electricity rates across European countries in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This has coincided with the rollout of ambitious policy support mechanisms like sales tax exemptions, CAPEX rebates and regional rooftop mandates in countries like Germany, the Netherlands, Spain or Italy.

While retail electricity rates return to pre-crisis levels and NextGeneration EU funds are exhausted, the importance of distributed energy systems is becoming increasingly clear. Widespread rollout of solar-plus-storage policy, substantial declines in module and battery technology prices, and emerging business cases for flexibility and grid export compensation will translate into further growth for decentralised energy storage across the region.

Join WoodMac’s distributed solar and energy storage experts in Europe as they present their latest regional outlooks for the residential and C&I solar PV and energy storage segments.

During the webinar, Wood Mackenzie will discuss:

  • What will it take to maximise distributed solar PV deployment in Europe by 2033?
  • Growth in European distributed storage segment, defining the decade trajectory
  • WoodMac distributed solar and storage coverage showcase


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