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Quickly screen opportunities and model scenarios with access to all of our US Lower 48 data - including capex, opex, rig count, production volumes, differentials - through one platform.

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Model custom scenarios and identify the most valuable opportunities

As companies adapt to lower oil prices and investment activity picks up in the US Lower 48,  you're challenged to understand where valuable opportunities sit within the market.

Contour is an interactive  asset valuation platform that integrates our upstream L48 data, allowing you to quickly analyse, visualize, value, and benchmark oil and gas opportunities from a single interface.

It is the only web-based tool that gives you the ability to model custom scenarios based on your own decline curve analysis, well cost estimates, commodity forecasts, and development assumptions so that you can evaluate the impact on valuation and make confident investment decisions.


The US lower 48 valuation platform

Contour is the only web-based asset valuation platform that lets you quickly analyse, visualise, value, and benchmark opportunities.

Features at a glance

See the shape of things to come. Visualise, value and benchmark upstream projects and companies more efficiently by screening deals and opportunities quickly within one single interface.

You will receive:

  • High-quality data rigorously quality controlled by our Lower 48 analysts
  • Dynamic well productivity and economic modelling and scenario analysis
  • In-tool link between well-level production and metrics to asset-level valuation
  • Frequent data updates
  • Transparent modelling assumptions
  • Custom case creation

Don’t want to use our numbers? You don't have to. Contour is flexible enough to support custom modelling, including scenarios that combine your data with our robust analytics.

  • Millions

    of data points

  • 250+


  • 90 plays

    1 platform

  • 70+


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