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How can our integrated data-analytics platform work for you?

Wood Mackenzie Lens is a search and screening solution that enables you to quickly discover all aspects of our upstream dataset. With our integrated, simple-to-use interface, you can explore, interrogate, value and easily share information with your colleagues. 

Discover, model and value our comprehensive global upstream data to find the answers you need to optimise resources, maximise value, minimise risk, and remain resilient. Make confident strategic decisions across your portfolio by rapidly testing hypotheses to assess risk vs reward.

Want to know more about Wood Mackenzie Lens and understand how it could work for you? We have collated a series of videos and insights to show you some of the key functionality, capabilities and powerful analysis from Lens.

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Upstream Portfolio Analysis

Make informed capital allocation decisions to drive portfolio performance, including M&A and divestment ideas. With Lens, you can identify and evaluate potential asset or company acquisition targets at speed and on-the-fly.


Corporate Analysis

Compare and analyse peer groups and individual company's corporate performance, growth potential, risk level, and other financial factors with better accuracy and confidence.


Upstream Asset Evaluation

See how quickly you can value multiple assets and understand the impacts of different oil price scenarios. Use Lens to gain a clear view of production, value, and costs at a field, country, and regional level.

Watch Lens in action

Now more than ever, understanding and benchmarking your peer group fast to make the first move is a key success factor to outperform the competition. Watch some of our workflow videos to see just how quick and easy Lens is to use and how it could help you make strategic decisions faster than ever before.

How do companies cope with the oil price crisis?

How do companies cope with the oil price crisis?

Majors on production potfolio

pre fid gas assets in asiapac

Latest Upstream insights – powered by Lens

Explore our latest insights, powered by Lens, looking at the key issues, changes and forecasts of the Upstream industry.

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Additional Lens solutions

Wood Mackenzie Lens has analytics-ready data and workflows including a range of sectors and focus areas across the integrated natural resources value chain. Learn more about our Subsurface and Lower48 modules below.

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