PetroView: See further. Get closer.

For companies operating in the upstream oil and gas business, having access to historical and factual data is essential for analysing the external environment as well as identifying and evaluating new opportunities.

PetroView, our intuitive geographic information system, contains a comprehensive database of licenses, fields, wells, platforms, pipelines and cultural layers, all presented within an accessible mapping interface so you can perform spatial analysis across the industry.

Its customisable tools and architecture, alongside continually enriched content, take you far beyond what internal platforms alone can offer.

Strong foundations for an effective upstream strategy

PetroView brings together industry-focused data and functionality, enabling both location and attribute information to be analysed simultaneously. 

Built up over 40 years, we provide reliable and trustworthy data which has been gathered, cleansed and maintained by industry specialists.

We fill data gaps for new ventures and exploration projects in a format that fits seamlessly into your existing workflows. 

Key content:

  • Licences
  • Wells (exploration, appraisal, and development)
  • Fields
  • Infrastructure (facilities and pipelines)
  • Surveys (2D and 3D navigation options)
  • Cultural data

Whether you need a comprehensive plug-and-play data solution or ArcGIS compatibility for spatial analysis, PetroView is a cost-effective tool that doesn’t compromise on information quality or ease of use.

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