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PowerRT Europe

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Stay on top of fast-changing market information

Our PowerRT platform supports trading desks and analytical departments to develop and improve trading strategies, analyse production, view fuel stacks and optimise asset utilisation.

The platform provides a flexible work space for visualising all relevant power market information, bringing together a vast array of quality and fit-for-purpose fundamental power market data. This includes demand, conventional and renewable generation, availability and transmission. The data comes from thousands of patented sensors and all available public and critical sources, validated by our industry specialists.

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Key features at a glance

Improve decision-making

Follow market dynamics with custom alerts that capture changes in supply from plants or fuel type production.

Spot market changes

Learn about generation or transmission changes that can have a direct impact on day-ahead or intraday markets.

Uncover new opportunities

Understand supply stack dynamics and line flows to discover potential patterns and opportunities in the market, especially in terms of congestion.

Get real-term insights

Monitor the fuel stack in real-time to better optimise your assets or adjust your power plant's output.

Inform your strategy

Use historical data analytics to develop and enhance your trading and hedging strategies