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The Interchange Recharged podcast: The future of lithium extraction

KMX is changing the process of how we extract minerals from the earth

1 minute read

We are currently going through a reformation of the power grid, and a revitalisation process in how we produce clean energy. Not only are there more ways to create and harness energy than ever before, but there are also new ways to store that energy.

The energy storage industry is booming, but the modern batteries we use require one key component; lithium. To continue utilising and perfecting these batteries, however, requires a sustainable and environmentally sound method of lithium and mineral extraction.

On today's Interchange, we had the pleasure of having Zachary Sadow sit down with David for an eye-opening conversation. Zachary is the CEO and co-founder of KMX Technologies, an emerging leader in rare earth mineral extraction and wastewater treatment. Why is this important? Today's modern batteries require high levels of lithium ion, a finite material. KMX is changing the process of how we extract these minerals from the earth and making sure the wastewater from these processes is returned to its pure form. Not only is KMX improving wastewater treatment processes, but they are in turn improving living conditions around these sites as well.

In this episode, David queries Zac on the traditional processes for extracting lithium. What is the commercial use concentration that the lithium needs to be at? What policy and government action does KMX need to help the progress of its business? As always, we find out if the model is viable, and the technology tried and tested.

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