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Commercial Advisory

Tailored commercial support to help progress your most important initiatives

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Optimise your pivotal business decisions

The continual evolution of markets, politics, technologies, and competitive behaviours has a direct impact on the feasibility of projects, commerciality of operations, balance of contracts, and efficacy of regulation.

Inform your next move with our detailed commercial understanding and industry experience, spanning:

  • Government & fiscal analysis/recommendations
  • Portfolio assessment
  • Pre-feasibility, feasibility and optimisation
  • Market/opportunity screening
  • Competitive position assessment 
  • Competitor intelligence
  • Uncertainty/risk assessment and scenario development
  • Business case development
  • Project promotion
  • Regulatory design and policy impact assessments
  • Contracting strategy and negotiation support
  • Arbitration and lobbying support
  • Energy security analysis
Commodities market volatility
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Dividends or growth? Big Oil's dilemma

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How we help

Whether you are a leader looking for new ways to drive performance, or a stakeholder who needs to understand the scale of potential improvement, we can help. We provide an objective view of financial and operational performance, contextual analysis against similar businesses and assets, as well as a grounded view of potential.

Our team brings together practical experience, world-class analytics and industry knowledge to give you impartial advice on how to enhance business performance. We work with you to build a clear understanding of the practical changes required to deliver value and the robust plans that will sustain it.

Our advice is drawn from an in-depth understanding of the realities and challenges of operating in the energy and natural resources sector so that you can be confident that we will deliver value to your bottom line.

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Good quality work, completed in a timely fashion, presented in an understandable way showing insight into the data and what messages are being delivered


Your questions answered

We provide strategic clarity and sharpen your competitive edge by finding the answers to your most critical questions, including:

  • What is the most feasible configuration, capacity, location for my project?
  • How competitive is the current fiscal regime?
  •  What is the best procurement strategy?
  •  How should I enter negotiations?
  • What is the competitive position of my company/asset within the industry?
  • How might competitors respond ?
  • What are the right scenarios to test my strategy against?
  • What can we learn from the past to help inform my decision?