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Supply chain solutions for exploration and production companies

Identify and execute on cost savings, performance improvement, operational efficiency and risk management opportunities across your organisation

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Unlock value

We use thousands of cost models, indices and qualitative market reports to identify risks and opportunities for you. Our data-driven supplier negotiations ensure you achieve significant savings. And by leveraging our understanding of cost compositions and tracking market fluctuations, we improve cost visibility to unlock business value. 

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Precise spend management

We enhance your understanding of your spending leverage with suppliers and offer insight into your entire supply chain expenditure to pinpoint value leakage and improve performance. We focus on the right areas of opportunity for you and ensure price variance is reduced across your full supply chain. 

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Evaluate competitiveness

Our Supply Chain Intelligence platform allows you to invite vendors from our vast energy supplier database to hosted online bid events. This process facilitates the precise evaluation of products, facility locations, competitors, and contact details. Our solution ensures you have faster timelines and reduced costs. 

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Market Intelligence

We forecast future project expenses by considering all anticipated factors and analyse various project setups to identify cost differences. Our insights empower your procurement decisions, maximising savings and efficiency through comprehensive data analysis and scenario testing. 

Why do exploration and production companies use our Supply Chain Intelligence platform?

To understand core market drivers 

To improve insight through data visibility 

To mitigate risk 

To improve market cost competitiveness 

To validate EPC pricing