Supply Chain Solutions for Utilities and Developers

Identify and execute on cost savings, performance improvement, operational efficiency and risk management opportunities across your organisation.

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Data visibility

Gain transparency in supplier negotiations with our unique insights into the cost breakdown of purchased items and services. Our meticulously updated data analysis guarantees an in-depth understanding of the market dynamics dictating costs for each item, empowering you with invaluable knowledge for informed decision-making. 

Enterprise cost insights

Achieve purchasing power with our trusted data cleansing and classification techniques to reveal your true spend leverage with key suppliers. By grouping subsidiary suppliers under their parent vendors, we identify the complete scope of your spending potential to decrease costs, improve vendor relationships and increase efficiency. 

Intelligent sourcing

Our Supply Chain Intelligence platform streamlines your strategic sourcing through reduced cycle time and facilitates the collection and analysis of supplier data. Our energy-specific, e-procurement solution is specifically designed to make competitive bidding easy and efficient, helping you with faster projects, improved negotiations and lower costs.  

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Accurate benchmarking

We streamline project cost estimation by leveraging contemporary component-based cost metrics for key renewable energy technologies, so you can strategize effectively and align with industry pricing. Our project estimates are generated by expert analysts and informed by our unrivalled data analysis 

Why do thousands of Utilities and Developers use our Supply Chain Intelligence services?

To improve visibility of costs

To identify competitiveness of rates 

To gain granular insight into price performance

To access data-driven insights 

To manage supply chain complexity