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Global LNG Monitoring

Real-time and high-frequency LNG market intelligence

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A truly unique solution only available from Wood Mackenzie

With a combination of Wood Mackenzie's North American network of ground cameras and power line sensors, and satellite collected data in hard to monitor regions, access a global dataset to easily track LNG facility activity and understand how disruptions impact the global LNG market 

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Product features at a glance

Keep abreast of the global LNG market with an unparalleled combination of real-time and high-frequency solutions using proprietary technology to monitor LNG assets.

Unparalleled coverage

Unparalleled coverage

Quickly gain insight into the global LNG market:

  • See events such as shut-downs and start-ups in real-time

  • Flaring events are contextualized for each facility

  • Comprehensive estimates of LNG pipeline feedgas/sendout, facility-level storage volumes, shipping exports/imports for the North American market
  • Ship Tracking based on Wood Mackenzie’s proprietary AIS data

Unmatched accuracy

Unmatched accuracy

Achieved with years of historical data used to verify and benchmark observations.

  • Satellite analytics was developed using machine-learning algorithms enhanced by training on years of historical data
  • Paired with manual verifications and benchmarked with Wood Mackenzie's proprietary datasets.

Be the first to know!

Be the first to know!

Act quickly and never miss a trading opportunity

  • Live email alerts provide early notice of status changes and high flaring events.
  • Expert LNG market commentary from Wood Mackenzie analysts.
  • Direct data feeds via APIs to incorporate data into any workflow.

Real-time & High-frequency Data | Proprietary Technology | Global coverage

Monitor global LNG liquefaction facilities with a combination of visual imagery across North America and satellite data in hard to monitor regions

Refine short-term models and consolidate your view of the market

Get a complete view and make data-driven decisions

Identify trading opportunites

Stay ahead of your competition

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