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Electric Vehicle & Battery Supply Chain Service

Leverage our industry-leading expertise to boost profitability and reach your net zero goals

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Be part of the future of electric transportation

To make informed decisions and seize opportunities in this fast-changing landscape, you need actionable insights at your fingertips. That's where we come in.

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Designed to help you

  • Make accurate strategic decisions with world-leading data across the entire EV and battery supply chain
  • Access insights on the entire battery supply chain; including energy storage, battery recycling, policy, regulation and sustainability
  • Unlock detailed coverage of road transport electrification, including opportunities and challenges across the EV value chain
  • Get a comprehensive value chain coverage across commodities such as lithium, cobalt, nickel, graphite and manganese, including price forecasts
  • Analyse industry trends at every level, from individual assets and companies to regional and global perspectives

What do you get with the EV & Battery Supply Chain Service?

Our EVBSC is your one-stop solution to make informed decisions in EV and battery industry, including raw materials and recycling.



Get access to:

  • Topical reports on key recent industry developments
  • Full coverage of the electric vehicle, battery and raw materials value chain
  • Long-term reports with detailed market forecasts out to 2050
  • Short-term reports providing insight on recent developments and latest updates to forecasts

Markets & Value Chain

Markets & Value Chain

Get access to:

  • Market updates to stay on top of government policies and regulations in the EV industry
  • Monitoring of key end-use markets, industry news and price forecasts
  • Full value chain analysis from raw materials to end-use demand - including lithium, cobalt, nickel, graphite and manganese to cathodes, anodes, components and batteries
  • Battery recycling market analysis and secondary supply forecast
  • Insight into battery technology developments, covering sodium-ion, silicon anodes and solid-state batteries
  • Asset-level forecasts for gigafactories and recycling facilities

Who is the EV & Battery Supply Chain Service for?

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