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Offshore Wind Service

Map offshore wind’s complete value chain from new technologies and supply chain strategies to project procurements and economics.

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Let in-depth data and thought-leading analysis guide your offshore wind strategies

Over the past decade, the offshore wind industry has moved beyond its infancy. The offshore wind energy technology is now proven, costs have been substantially reduced, it enjoys strong public policy support, and investors are confident in the technology. The industry’s growth is about to explode and we project that $1 trillion will flow into the offshore wind industry over the next decade.

The large opportunity in offshore wind has attracted a growing number of new competitors, intensifying competition. As a result, project IRR’s and  wind supply chain margins are falling, making it increasingly challenging to profitably seize the opportunities in the offshore wind sector.

Features at a glance

Identify and seize opportunities in the growing offshore wind sector by gaining access to valuable forecasts and assessments of the global offshore wind power industry necessary for market entry, account management and global sourcing strategies. The Offshore Wind Service covers the four major segments; Offshore Wind Energy Market Outlook, Players and Competitive Dynamics, Supply Chain and Technology and Economics, through thought-leading insights, in-depth offshore wind reports and rich datasets enabling you to understand both what happens within and between these segments.

  • Market outlook: Wood Mackenzie use a wide range of perspectives to allow you to identify both short-term and long-term opportunities and plan your next successful venture.

  • Players and Competitive Dynamics: Through Wood Mackenzie's datasets and insights, you can track the portfolio and activities of the offshore wind asset owners and developers beyond their project portfolios across the globe.

  • Supply Chain and Technology: Wood Mackenzie has worked with the wind power value chain for more than a decade. We leverage this daily and combine it with our deep heritage in oil and gas to provide an unparalleled supply chain and technology offering.

  • Economics: Our economics analyses leverage and combine research from the other sections. Through the product suite you have access to global LCOE and IRR assessment of tenders accompanied with underlying assumptions.

Why should you subscribe to Wood Mackenzie’s offshore wind service?

  • One-stop-shop: We cover the four major segments as interrelated themes by thought-leading insights, in-depth reports and rich datasets enabling you to understand both what happens within and between these segments.
  • Industry-leading proprietary data: The richness of our high-quality data enables assumptions transparency, and users to tailor the data to their own segment and analysis.
  • Leverages integrated Wood Mackenzie research: As part of Wood Mackenzie, we are able leverage expertise and tools across oil, gas, power, renewables, chemicals, metals and mining which cultivates a rich context of our offshore wind research
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