Exploration economics: does less equal more?

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By 2025, 20% of global oil supply will come from 21st century conventional discoveries. As the industry gets smarter about doing less with more, can exploration fix its economics?

Exploration returns will be higher at US$50/bbl than they were at US$100/bbl.

Andrew Latham, Vice President, Global Exploration

Andrew Latham

Vice President, Global Exploration

With his extensive exploration expertise Andrew shapes portfolio development for international oil and gas companies.

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Can explorers become even more efficient?

Ahead of his presentation at the South East Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX), we asked Dr Andrew Latham to share his thoughts on the outlook for exploration.


How can explorers create more value?

Andrew discusses how to add value in a low oil price environment


Which companies are still exploring?

We look at comparing conventional and unconventional exploration