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Horizons Live: Sea Change

Navigating the trillion-dollar offshore wind opportunity

1 minute read

Chris Seiple, Vice Chairman, Energy Transition and Power and Renewables, hosts this edition’s Horizons Live alongside Søren Lassen, Head of Offshore Wind Research and Jeppe Lundbæk, Chief Advisor – Offshore Wind Regulatory Expert at the Danish Energy Agency.

We project that nearly US$1 trillion will flow into offshore wind over the next decade, attracting a growing number of new competitors and intensifying competition. But bid prices no longer dictate winners and losers. Policy-makers and industry players are now looking for other contributions; namely local content, systems integration, ecological mitigation and sustainability.


Watch on demand as we answer your questions about how competitors can profitably seize the opportunities in the offshore wind sector, and determine what capabilities and competencies they need to improve their chances of success.

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