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Gain essential insight into supply/demand, capacity developments and price forecasts to understand today’s markets and tomorrow’s trends.

Cutting edge data on ethylene price and markets

Underpinned by our long term data and analysis, our Ethylene services provide you with an overview of price and markets. The services will help you to better understand feedstock trends and also build a picture of supply/demand of ethylene’s key derivatives, particularly polyethylene.

Features at a glance

The Ethylene services provide detailed analysis on the ethylene market, taking into account supply/demand, cracker feedstocks and key derivatives.

Bi-annual Service

The Ethylene Global Supply Demand Analytics Service provides long-term capacity and trade data and price forecasts, updated twice a year, to help you assess the strategic drivers of ethylene and its key derivatives, with nameplate ethylene production capacities by company and location for existing ethylene production assets around the world.  

You will receive:

  • Ethylene Strategic Outlook Analysis Report
  • Ethylene production assets by site, operator, capacity and technology
  • Announced ethylene production projects by site, operator, capacity technology, anticipated timing and likelihood
  • Capacity, supply by technology and feedstock, demand by end-use, trade, and other key indicators for each producing/consuming country of the world
  • Ethylene prices, production costs, and cash margins for the major market centres of the world (US, Europe, Asia)

Learn more about our Ethylene Global Supply Demand Analytics Service and download the brochure here.

Monthly Service

Ethylene Americas Monthly Market Overview provides detailed analysis of supply/demand, cracker feedstocks and key derivatives, including polyethylene, to provide a comprehensive forecast view of price, costs and margins. Our proprietary data and charts provide the latest insight on ethylene capacity and market trends for the near term.

The service includes:

  • Monthly Market Report and associated data
  • Detailed price forecasts, extensive supply demand balances and inventory analysis
  • Consultant and analyst support

The short-term service provides:

  • Monthly overview of supply/demand, accounting for inventories, outages and new capacities for 18-36 months
  • Price forecasts and cost-margin analysis, compared against forward curve market expectations and inventory trends for actionable insight
  • Complete volumetric (feedstocks, operating rate and yield) analysis on a monthly basis for every regional producing asset
  • Detailed commercial analysis for the North American ethylene outlook, including feedstocks and key derivatives such as polyethylene and styrene, supplemented by international review of markets in Europe and Asia
  • New capacity developments for US, Canada and Mexico

Ethylene Asset Cost Tool

This tool is a unique offering that allows you to view detailed asset level information from across the marketplace. It covers each and every existing ethylene producing facility and future projects, and can be provided in either a static (output only) version or dynamic (flexible model) delivery.

Granular data on feedstocks, production volumes, costs and margins are updated twice per year. The dataset covers approximately 350 assets and projects across the following countries and regions: Africa, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Eastern Europe, Europe, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, Rest of Europe, Russia and The Caspian, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, United States and Venezuela.

Learn more about our ethylene asset cost tool and download the brochure here.

  • 350+

    detailed asset profiles

  • Monthly

    market reports

  • Bi-annual


  • to global chemicals analyst team

Designed to help you:
  • Gain insight into the olefins production outlook and the implications for feedstocks as well as end product markets
  • Understand olefin fundamentals worldwide
  • Access the latest pricing data throughout the olefin value chain
  • Screen for investment opportunities in new markets
  • Discover information on policy, regulation, prices and infrastructure
  • Explore an integrated view with our aromatics analysis and upstream data