Wood Mackenzie at Japan Energy Summit & Exhibition 2024

Meet our team to discuss Japan’s energy transition through innovation and global connections

Wood Mackenzie is proud to be the official knowledge partner of Japan Energy Summit & Exhibition from 3-5 June 2024 at Tokyo Big Sight, International Exhibition Centre.

About the event

Japan Energy Summit & Exhibition is a catalyst for climate action, igniting change and connecting the global energy community to Japan’s energy value chain. Featuring keynote presentations, cross-industry panels, and in-depth case studies, the Japan Energy Summit & Exhibition Conferences will equip you with critical insights for informed decision-making in accelerating Japan’s energy transition.

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Wood Mackenzie’s experts will moderate the following roundtables at Japan Energy Summit:

Roundtable One: The New Energy Economy - Optimising Asia's Future Energy Mix

3 June 2024, Monday, 13:30 - 15:00

LNG continues to be essential to the economies of Northeast Asia, but its role is changing as demand slows and low-carbon energy proliferates. But for how long can LNG be a transition fuel for the growth in renewable? Could manufacturing blue hydrogen from imported LNG via CCS transform the long-term demand outlook across Northeast Asia, pushing importers to continue engaging with producers, portfolio players and traders to secure new supply? And can LNG act as the facilitator of future low carbon energy in Northeast Asia?



Roundtable Two: Balancing Global LNG Supply and Demand Through Turbulent Times

3 June 2024, Monday, 16:00 - 17:30

With European demand expected to decline over the next decade, all eyes are on Asia’s gas markets. Regional dynamics are already coming into play. The mature markets of Japan, South Korea and Taiwan are forecast to have flat demand with downside risks and while China’s LNG imports continue to grow, these are expected to peak by as early as 2032. South Asia and Southeast Asia are the longer-term prize; however, challenges remain on price affordability, infrastructure, investments, speed of decision making and forex reserves/currency depreciation.



Roundtable Three: Rebooting Asia’s Energy Transition

4 June 2024, Tuesday, 12:30 - 14:00

Asia Pacific is no exception. Across the region, countries are locking in new fossil fuel supply to boost energy security. With carbon emissions rising, there is a strong case for Asia to reboot its net zero ambitions. Addressing Asia’s demand for coal is an important first step. Gas can play a key role, but not without significant levels of investment to underpin supply and develop infrastructure. Can policy makers deliver the fresh thinking need to revitalise the goal of decarbonising conventional energy supply, boost investment in clean energy technologies and critical minerals and implement supportive carbon policies?


Meet our experts

Mangesh Patankar

Vice President, Gas and LNG Consulting

With 14 years of experience in the gas/LNG and power industry, Mangesh has a deep understanding of client challenges.

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Daniel Toleman

Research Director, Global LNG

Daniel's expertise covers global LNG markets, asset analysis, project economics, contracting and corporate analysis.

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Johnson Quadros

Head of Gas and LNG research

Johnson is an LNG industry professional with 20 years of global experience.

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