Webinar | Beyond ESG: Measuring corporate sustainability in an uncertain world

ESG investing and the ratings that underpin it have lost their lustre. That’s no bad thing for companies in the oil & gas, power & renewables, and metals & mining sectors. ESG was tangential, at best, to the big questions they face over the coming decades around decarbonisation.  

But those questions haven’t gone away. The fundamentals of climate change haven’t shifted, and the threat it poses hasn’t diminished. Now more than ever, companies and their stakeholders need to understand and evaluate how they are positioned to navigate energy transition – both the risks and opportunities. 

Wood Mackenzie’s Corporate Sustainability Index goes beyond ESG, to provide a nuanced assessment of corporate positioning in the face of a changing world. More relevant to how companies in energy and mining actually manage their business. And a more useful measure of how they stack up against one another. 

Join our webinar on 26 March, when our experts will be discussing: 

  • The fundamental problem with ESG investing and the ratings that inform it 
  • What does “corporate sustainability” look like in the energy, and metals & mining sectors? 
  • Corporate Sustainability Index – how do the energy and mining giants’ ratings compare? 
  • What should companies and their stakeholders do next? 

Corporate Sustainability Index is one half of Wood Mackenzie’s Corporate Resilience and Sustainability Indices (CoRSI). CoRSI is part of our new Corporate Strategy and Analytics Service, which covers the biggest companies in Oil & Gas, Power & Renewables and Metals & Mining.

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