Investing In North America Power Markets

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Powering financial success in the dynamic energy landscape

At Wood Mackenzie, we understand the critical importance of navigating the ever-changing power market. Making sound investment decisions, managing company capital and identifying profitable opportunities while mitigating risks are essential. That's where our North America Power Service comes in, delivering unparalleled insights and data-driven solutions that enable you to stay ahead in this volatile market.

How can our North America Power Service help you?

Optimise your power market investments

Optimise your power market investments


Predicting volatility in the power market is essential to ensure the best investments. With our North America Power Service, you'll unlock access to hourly supply, demand, fuel pricing, and wholesale power price projections out to 2050. Our visual representations of fundamental patterns, risk assessments and future impact analysis empower you to make the right decisions.

Strengthen your capital deployment strategies

Strengthen your capital deployment strategies


Extract actionable valuations and revenue estimates to identify and capitalize on the best investment opportunities. Our North America Power Service provides reliable data, allowing you to manage company capital efficiently, buy into stocks and equities with confidence, and deliver trusted investment guidance to your clients.

Secure your future investments

Secure your future investments


The power market can be unpredictable, but with our North America Power Service, you gain a reliable and trustworthy source for forecasts up to 30 years out. This visibility ensures that your future investments remain profitable. Our proprietary acquisition, asset and business data keep you ahead of market shifts, giving you a competitive edge in this dynamic landscape.

Power & Renewables Insights


Independent insight to help you evolve alongside power markets

Today's power market is volatile every day and every hour. Identify opportunities to successfully evolve alongside the electricity industry to strategize towards a more decentralized and complex world.

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