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Why listen to Corporate Week In Brief?

Corporate Week In Brief gives you the lowdown on the latest moves, news and announcements affecting supermajors and national oil and gas companies. 

Tune in each week for concise, timely analysis from Wood Mackenzie's team of corporate analysts, who know the world's top 50 oil and gas companies inside and out. 

What is Corporate Week In Brief about?

Each episode runs an average of 10 minutes, never more than 20. The team covers:

  • M&A activity: Who's selling, who's buying and what it means for the wider oil and gas industry
  • Earnings and performance: Analysis of the latest results announcements
  • Key corporate themes: The trends and players shaping the upstream industry, from Trump's climate policy to the Majors' capex budgets  

Meet the Corporate Week In Brief team

Martin Kelly

Global Head, Curated Service, Energy & Natural Resources Research

Martin oversees our Curated Service offering, working across our energy and natural resource coverage

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Important notes

  • Corporate Week In Brief is typically published once a week, but this depends on the news cycle – the team is quick to pull together an episode in response to an unexpected announcement. If you subscribe through your usual podcast player, you'll be notified of new episodes. 
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  • Show notes are published following each episode of the podcast. You can view the entire archive of show notes below.

How do I subscribe?

Find Corporate Week In Brief at Soundcloud as well as your usual podcasting app.  

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