Houston | Oil, NGL and Petrochemical Markets Briefing 2024

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The oil industry is beset by uncertainty around the course of the energy transition, investment levels, the strength of economic growth and geopolitical risk. Against this background, subject matter experts from our oil markets, upstream and energy transition teams present their thoughts on the outlook for oil prices, supply, downstream, and continuing progress of the energy transition.

Our speakers will address evolving market dynamics, the commercial and technical enablers of accelerated change and the key sensitivities that risk its delivery.

Join us at this in-person briefing as our experts dive into the following key topics, and participate in a conversation about the critical challenges faced by the US and global oil sector:

  • Short-term to long-term oil price forecast: in a market full of uncertainty, what is the price outlook for the industry. Is volatility going to return?
  • US Lower 48: Efficiency gains and elections:  can efficiency gains prolong Lower 48 supply growth? Would a second Trump presidency have an impact on supply?
  • Global supply, risk and geopolitical sensitivities: in grappling with political instability, what would be the impact of various scenarios on supply and price.
  • The US: Implications of a delayed energy transition scenario: the risks of delays in the transition to low-carbon energy are growing. What are the implications of a five-year delay to decarbonisation efforts.
  • Gasoline and the future of refined products: how does increasing adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles weigh on the outlook for refiners? How much capacity is under threat and what makes an asset competitive in the coming decades.

  • US ethane and LPG: what is the supply outlook over the next decade? How are feedstock exports supporting international downstream markets?

  • Petrochemicals: nature of future investments especially in Asia/China. Which steam crackers are under risk of closure globally in near term?


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Our speakers

Nathan Nemeth

Principal Analyst, Global Unconventional Plays

Nathan is focused on Canadian and Lower 48 unconventional plays research.

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Douglas Thyne

Research Director, Oil Supply

Douglas manages our global oil supply research and forecasts.

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Siddhant Warrier

Research Associate, Chemicals Global Analyst Team

Siddhant primarily covers the olefins and ethylene oxide & glycols markets for the Americas region.

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Austin Lin

Principal Analyst, Refining and Oil Products

Austin leads Wood Mackenzie's refined products research in the Americas.

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