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Can LNG improve its green credentials?

The LNG Big Chill podcast episode #5

1 minute read

LNG is cleaner to burn than other fossil fuels, but how can it further reduce its environmental impact?

In this episode of The LNG Big Chill podcast, I’m joined by Nicholas Browne and Lucy Cullen to discuss how LNG can get greener.

The combustion benefits of using gas versus oil and coal are clear, and using LNG has improved air quality in China, South Korea and India. But is it good enough?

Our latest carbon emissions study has highlighted that the emissions intensity of LNG is relatively high. This is because gas used during liquefaction is at least 8-9% of total feedstock, and higher in older facilities. And some of the fields supplying LNG facilities have substantial carbon dioxide streams, which are being vented.

Buyers, bankers and suppliers of LNG are now increasingly asking: can more be done to mitigate the carbon intensity?

In this episode, we discuss measures being explored, including:

  • The use of renewables for driving electric turbines in Canadian liquefaction plants.
  • US LNG plants buying renewable certificates for power bought from the grid.
  • Carbon offsets for LNG cargo.

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