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LNG’s short-term blues

The LNG Big Chill podcast episode #6

1 minute read

In this episode of The LNG Big Chill podcast we discuss the potential for under-utilisation of US LNG facilities, how much LNG Europe can take – and whether a new coal policy in South Korea will provide some upside this winter.

Topics discussed include:

  • LNG started the winter with record low Asian spot prices.
  • The rate of supply growth is outstripping organic demand growth – particularly in the Asia Pacific region.
  • The potential price risk associated with the expiry of the current Russia-Ukraine transit agreement at the end of 2019.
  • South Korea’s recent move to improve air quality by restricting coal burn through the winter. What could it mean for the LNG oversupply?
  • Recent moves in LNG ship charters rates – and the impact on short term prices. 

Listen to: Short Term Blues

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