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We understand the challenges our customers face because we are deeply embedded in the industries we serve. Our consultants offer a powerful combination of natural resources expertise and commercial consulting skills, partnering with you to provide actionable recommendations that deliver results. With more than 100 members of our team based in locations including Houston, Edinburgh, London, Singapore and Sydney, we are well-placed to work with asset operators, investors and governments to tackle their most complex issues. Meet some of the consulting team.

Consulting team

Juan David Agudelo

Director, Upstream Consulting

P upstream consultant for the Americas

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Ricardo Monte Alto

Vice President of Metals and Mining Consulting, Americas

With more than 15 years of experience, Ricardo is a seasoned and trusted advisor to a range of clients.

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Shatha Alwardi

Director, EMEARC Consulting

An expert in long-term strategy development, Shatha advises on pricing, planning and market analysis.

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Simon Anderson

Director, Performance Improvement

Simon works with energy and natural resources companies to improve financial, commercial and operational performance.

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Patrick Barnes

Director, Metals and Mining EMEARC Consulting

Patrick has over 10 years of experience helping foster development of stable and equitable mining sectors.

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David Barrowman

Vice President, Fiscal Consulting

David leads our upstream fiscal service, drawing on more than 30 years' industry expertise.

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Chris Barry

Director, Downstream Consulting

Chris's consulting expertise spans the refining, chemicals and storage sectors where he has advised clients worldwide.

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Alex Bevacqua

Head of Metals and Mining Consulting

Alex provides advice to governments and companies worldwide as head of our metals and mining consultancy team.

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Matthias Bloennigen

Director, Upstream Consulting

Matthias is the director of our upstream consulting team in the Americas.

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Amy Bowe

Director, Upstream Consulting

Amy leads the Upstream Consulting team's Oil Price offering, leveraging our proprietary asset-level Oil Price Model.

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Paul Brand

Senior Vice President, Upstream Valuation Consulting

Paul provides valuations and transaction support services to clients across the Upstream segment.

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Renaud Brimont

Head of EMEARC Consulting

Renaud leads our upstream consulting practice in EMEARC and is an expert in business transformation.

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Robert Burt

Head of Consulting Operations

Robert works with our Consulting Leadership Team, responsible for the group’s reporting, collaboration and processes.

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Melvin Chen

Regional Consulting Group Manager, Asia-Pacific

Melvin focuses on commercial corporate planning, exploration strategies, due diligence, feasibility and market studies.

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Roslyn Cooke


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Aurian De La Noue

Managing Consultant, Americas Consulting

Aurian’s expertise lies in providing growth strategy and transaction support advice to the downstream sector.

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Massimo Di Odoardo

Vice President, Gas and LNG Consulting

Massimo brings extensive knowledge of the entire gas industry value chain to his role leading gas and LNG consulting.

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Stephen Duck

Managing Consultant, Metals & Mining

Stephen brings over 10 years' experience in commodities research and consulting to the team.

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Roger Emslie

Director, Metals & Mining Consulting

Roger has 20 years of global mining & metals consulting experience.

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Eric Eyberg

Vice President, Head of Americas Gas and LNG Consulting

Eric leads our South American gas and power consulting, with personal expertise in gas and power.

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Malcolm Forbes-Cable

Vice President, Upstream Consulting and Supply Chain Lead

Malcolm is an expert in designing international growth strategies, unconventional gas studies and portfolio reviews

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Lisa Gillespie

Principal Consultant, Upstream Consulting

Lisa is a senior research manager focused on corporate analysis and growth strategy projects.

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Chris Grieve

Executive Vice President, Consulting

Chris leads our global consulting business – more than 100 professionals operating across the natural resources sector.

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Vignesh Gulasingam

Head of Americas Power & Renewables Consulting

Vignesh directs engagements for our consulting team across the power and renewables sector.

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Chris Hairel

Vice President, Head of Americas Downstream Consulting

An executive with 20 years of experience, Chris excels at addressing complex problems across the energy value chain.

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Ismail Hammami, CFA

Director, Americas Midstream & Downstream Consulting

Experience on the client and consulting side has given Ismail a unique understanding of the challenges our clients face.

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Frank Harris

Head of Global LNG Consulting

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David Hart

Senior Consultant, Fibres

David is an expert in manmade fibres, with detailed knowledge of polyester and nylon fibre.

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Mark Hutchinson

Vice President, Head of APAC Power & Renewables Consulting

Mark is expert in strategy, finance, mergers and acquisitions, contract negotiations and due diligence.

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Konrad Jar

Vice President, Asia-Pacific Downstream Consulting

Konrad is an expert in investment studies and transaction support throughout the downstream energy sector.

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Steve Jenkins

Vice President, Chemicals Consulting

Steve brings more than 30 years experience in chemical markets, and is a world expert in paraxylene.

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Morten Keller

Global Head of Power & Renewables Consulting

Morten leads our power and renewables consulting practice, drawing on over 20 years' experience in the sector.

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Prashant Khorana

Principal Consultant, Power & Renewables

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Georgina Kladis

Director, Upstream and Gas Consulting

Georgina has over 12 years of experience advising upstream players on commercial, market and strategy issues.

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Thanasis Kofinakos

Vice President, Head of Gas and LNG Consulting, Asia Pacific

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Scott Koronka

Head of Downstream Consulting, EMEARC

Scott is an experienced commercial consultant. He manages downstream consulting assignments for the EMEARC region.

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Gavin Law

Head of Gas and Power Consulting

Gavin helps gas and power companies identify opportunities, and helps them develop successful strategies.

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Andy Lee

Senior Consulting Manager, Power and Renewables

Andy is an expert in market analysis, supply chain and products in the power and renewables industry.

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David Linden

Director, Power & Renewables Consulting, EMEARC

David is skilled at helping clients understand the market fundamentals driving their strategic decisions.

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Sifang Liu

Senior Consultant, Copper Cost Research

Sifang analyses the cost and supply of copper mines as well as copper smelters and refineries.

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Yanghui Liu

Managing Consultant, Power & Renewables

Yanghui is an expert in wind industry market analysis, supply chain and products

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Aamir Malik

Vice President, Performance Improvement

Aamir works with international and national oil companies to improve financial, commercial and operational performance.

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Paul Manley

Director, Metals and Mining Consulting

A geologist by training, Paul brings over 20 years of industry experience to our metals and mining consulting team.

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Kara McNutt

Director, Downstream Consulting

Kara contributes to policy advisory work, corporate strategy development, valuations and scenario planning.

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Craig Moulton

Vice President, Metals & Mining Consulting, Asia Pacific

With more than 25 years of experience, Craig’s industry knowledge spans the entire mining value chain.

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David Mullins

Director, Asia Pacific Consulting

David has more than 15 years of experience advising clients in the energy sector.

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Michel Muylle

Director, Americas Downstream Consulting

Michel provides strategy, regulatory and policy advice to clients across the Americas.

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Zi Sheng Neoh

Principal Consultant, Asia Pacific Power & Renewables Consulting

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Joshua Ngu

Principal, Asia Pacific Consulting

Joshua advises clients in corporate strategy, mergers and acquisitions and commercial due diligence.

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Nicole Papaioannou

Principal Consultant, Gas and Power

Nicole is a seasoned technical and commercial advisor in the midstream LNG and downstream gas transportation.

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David Parkinson

Vice President, Upstream Consulting

David leads our exploration strategy team and is also responsible for exploration consulting.

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Mangesh Patankar

Director, Gas and LNG Consulting

With 14 years of experience in the gas/LNG and power industry, Mangesh has a deep understanding of client challenges.

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Lauren Payne

Director, Regional Consulting Group Manager, EMEARC

Lauren brings a decade of experience in the commercial energy research and advisory space.

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Daniel Robinson

Head of Americas Consulting

Daniel advises public and private energy clients on all aspects of business transformation and mergers and acquisitions.

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Laura Rodriguez

Senior Consultant

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Satvinder Roopra

Vice President, EMEARC Downstream Consulting

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Johann Schmid

Vice President, Head of Performance Improvement, Americas

Johann excels at guiding our consulting team through even the most challenging engagements.

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Stuart Scott

Head of Performance Improvement Consulting, APAC

 Stuart leads Wood Mackenzie’s Performance Improvement Consulting team in the APAC region.

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Darren Smith

Head of Asia Pacific Consulting

Darren is an expert in strategy, due diligence, M&A, transaction support and commercial studies.

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Jenny Sulak

Regional Consulting Group Manager, Americas

A leader in multiple cross-discipline working groups, Jenny brings a holistic perspective to her work in consulting.

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Chris Sum

Vice President Consulting, Middle East

Chris advises governments and businesses in the Middle East on strategy, energy policy and development.

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Costa Swift

Director, Upstream Consulting

Costa is an experienced upstream and business development consultant.

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Anna Temple

Director, Downstream Asia Pacific Consulting

With refining and petroleum markets expertise, Anna brings a measured perspective to consulting engagements.

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Gyanendra Thakur

Director, Metals and Mining Consulting, Asia Pacific

Gyan has more than 15 years' experience in consulting and transaction advisory across the metals and mining sector.

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Andy Tidey, Head of Performance Improvement

Andy Tidey

Head of Performance Improvement

Andy supports clients in identifying, planning and delivering business transformation.

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Ed Tockman

Vice President, Upstream Consulting, Americas

Ed has nearly 20 years of M&A advisory and consulting experience in the global energy sector.

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Noel Tomnay

Vice President, Gas and LNG Consulting, EMEARC

With 30 years of energy industry experience, Noel leads the gas and LNG consultancy practice for EMEARC.

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Manni Truong

Senior Consultant, EMEARC

Manni specialises in data and modelling issues.

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Dominic Tisdell

Head of Metals and Mining Consulting, Asia Pacific

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Melany Vargas

Director, Gas & LNG Consulting

Melany has extensive experience solving strategic problems for clients across the global energy value chain.

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Wei Liu

Director, Upstream Supply Chain Consulting

As an authority on the upstream value chain, Wei brings deep experience to his work on our consulting team.

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Andrés Weissfeld

Director, Downstream Consulting, Americas

Andrés has more than 15 years of international experience in the oil & gas, energy and steel sectors.

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Tim Welton

Head of Power & Renewables Research

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James Whiteside

Principal, Metals and Mining Consulting

James provides commercial, technical and financial advisory to companies in the metals and mining industry.

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Jessie Zhong

Consultant, Asia Pacific Power & Renewables Consulting

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Yanting Zhou

Senior Consultant, Base Metals Markets

Specialising in the challenges of Asian metals markets, Yanting has deep experience in metals demand modelling.

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You Zhou

Senior Consultant, Power and Renewables

You is an expert in offshore wind

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